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idiothole ([personal profile] idiothole) wrote2012-05-16 01:00 am

Well this is pretty out there.

If you think about it, Fast Five is essentially The Avengers before The Avengers was The Avengers.

Fast Five was a big budget action film with an ensemble cast of reasonable sized stars, that built on four previous films to provide character background for its large ensemble cast.

Fast Five was popular among both critics and audiences (yes, REALLY) and made a fuckload of money during its theatrical run.

Fast Five was incredibly well-paced, had a constant string of humour running along which came from snappy oneliners and its heroes poking fun at one another. At one point the viewer might think this ragtag gang of people might not gel together well enough to pull off what they need to do - but ultimately the film molds them into an unlikely family of sorts.

Fast Five had a wholly unrealistic, drawn out but fantastically entertaining finale sequence.

Fast Five ends, but also feels like a beginning to something new, and continuation is hinted at towards the end.

This argument is all logic, with added Vin Diesel's deep deep voice. Yes.

(Don't look at me like that.)