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3 bulletpoints about how pepper potts. is. fucking. awesome.

1. So I'm surfing a lot of Pepper/Tony movieverse fic because LOVE and also? LOVEEEE. And I just ran into a massive, hugely rec'ed (according to delicious tags) fic that's five parts and I was like, "oh what's this?" and it's a genderswap that turns the pairing into slash and casts Pepper as male.

Which I suppose could be, I don't know, kind of interesting and certainly looks to be for some who loved the fic but for myself, I just

(A fic where Pepper woke up as a dude one morning and she and Tony were already dating and Tony would have issues, or Tony wouldn't have any issues at all and Pepper would have issues with how little issues Tony had and comedy ensues - that would've been something I'd be really interested in. But a fic where Pepper is, from the get go, male. I don't know. It just rids something essential from the dynamic. And gets rid of a Significant Awesome Canon Female, which is sad because it's so rare. But whatever, I won't begrudge people who dig it, not my issue.)

2. But a fic I really, really enjoyed so much and that was friggin' brilliant in all accounts is this one:

For today or the rest of my life by [ profile] calicokat - Iron Man movieverse, Pepper/Tony, Pepper/OMC, NC-17. No spoilers for Iron Man 2.

This is deliciously long, Pepper point-of-view fic that just delves deep into her professional and personal lives and looks at her job and how she values it. It has her characterized with this totally awesome no-nonsense attitude with regards to Tony, while still being believably in love with him, and carrying out a relationship with an original character. I normally dislike OC's but I recognize they can work in context and here it really works and serves a purpose towards the whole story. Also? It gets pretty friggin' hot in places.

Even though the story has been made AU by Iron Man 2, it is SO SO SO worth reading if you like Pepper or like the pairing or just want some really good Iron Man fic.

3. I kiiiiind of want to talk about Pepper in Iron Man 2 now despite the fact nobody will ever probably read this but me.


I so need to rewatch this movie but hmm, two points, like.



But ... even as a massive shipper and dying of glee when they kiss and he's all like "That wasn't too weird, right?" and they kiss again, I was kind of like, wait, what, about her quitting.

I mean, the thing is -- I think most people feel like it is not really a stretch for Pepper to run the company. She can do it. But what the movie does is place her in the line of fire when most of the ammo is being launched. She becomes CEO at the most disastrous point in the company's history for awhile, and she kind of withdraws from Tony so she has virtually no support from him -- and this seems significant to me because in the first movie she makes a point that if he has nobody but her, she too has nobody but him. And while she's stronger and less dependent and can tie her own shoes and all these things that Tony kind of *can't* do without her, I think it's still kind of an impossible situation for her to become CEO.

And of course she's a woman so her talents and abilities are going to be questioned by everybody, outside the company and perhaps even within it. So I sympathise with her situation.

But I think it kind of sucks it had to be like that, because while her decision to quit is backed up very well by all the circumstances that would make it hard for even the most capable of people to run such a big company, it still kind of makes it seem like she can't handle it. Which I am sure, under different circumstances, she could.

At the same time, I like that she quits before they end up together, and I loved all the bickering and the banter and how devastated she is to find out he might've died and yeah, OTP squee and all that. And I love how he refers to their relationship as stable-ish. Because I doubt he'll sleep around on her (because she's just that much more important to him than anybody else) but at the same time, they still have a hill to climb in terms of like, having the kind of partnership that could be described as stable (I mean the strawberry thing kind of captures how clueless he is about her).

And I like how in the first movie it might've seemed like she's a little damsel in distress and a little subservient (though I always suspected that the line about "I do anything Mr Stark asks" is a little sarcastic, considering the patronizing attitude of the Vanity Fair journo she says it to), the second movie kind of establishes her character as somebody who is full-on awesome and takes no crap.


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