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dave says the darnest things but barely answers questions: week whatever.

olololol Guardian comments section: "Next week instead of Prime Minister's Question Time, may we have Prime Minister's Answer Time?"

So to be honest I consider tuition fees one of those Difficult Issues where I'm not entirely sure Labour stands on solid ground but benefit greatly from their opposition status because regardless of what might've happened, had they been in government, they now can side with the poor kids protesting on the streets. Whether those kids see Labour as a good alternative to the coalition is another question altogether, of course, but suffice to say Labour seems cosy.

I was kind of surprised Ed had so much ammunition on the topic but pleasantly so. He was all quick on his fee with the Bullingdon Club comeback.

Which, based on Twitter #pmqs responses, made people say Miliband was igniting "class war" or some much shit. Maybe it's my outsider's perspective on this but I read the joke completely differently. To me, it was less about the fact Bullingdon club is a wealthy young mens exclusive club but more about the club's reputation in terms of bad behaviour, trashing restaurants and the like.

Now, of course the two correlate - the members have upper class privilege, economic privilege (on top of male privilege) to think they can do whatever the fuck they want because they've got "loadsa money". But Miliband's point wasn't really "well, I was a better student politician than you because my dad wasn't as rich as your dad!", it was more like, "well, I was a student politician but I behaved" (aww, Ed).

Maybe I am just missing the context of Bullingdon standing as a another name for upper class privilege but to be fair, there is always the question of having privilege and how you choose to conduct your business with that privilege. A lot of the Twitterati commentary on the "class war" seemed to blame Miliband for bringing it up - the sort of "let's all shut up about it, maybe it'll go away" and also a lot of them seemed to suggest the idea that since Cameron can't help his status, he shouldn't be attacked for it. Again, I read it differently - I don't think he WAS attacked for being upper class but for being a part of a club of people who carry their class/economic privilege appallingly, by behaving in a manner that flaunts their class privilege and is in completely bad taste.

But it's also telling that "student politician" was an insult levelled against EMil in the first place. Certainly, it has that edge of "lol n00b" but at a time when students are actively organising against his government's proposals and he's trying to convince them he's on their side, it was an incredibly bad choice of words from Cameron. He's not winning them over with a comment like that.

Nigel Dodd was hilarious with the FIFA question but I was sort of amused at how amused Cameron was at it, too. Which is all fair enough, I suppose, but next to him sits the guy who has become the piƱata of the House of Commons, taking shots left and right, and is facing the biggest crisis of his party and political career and here is his partner-in-coalition smiling happily at somebody openly taking the piss out of him. We're so far away from the Rose Garden it's not even funny any more. I'm sure Cameron has sympathy for Clegg's predicament but on the other hand he must be more glad that he's not being burned in effigy at the protests. Sadly coalitions don't come with pre-nups..

And of course, this gem: "One party has had the courage of its convictions to see this through."

Oh Dave. It's almost as if he doesn't even care for the people who made him Prime Minister. But then, why would he? It's Nick's cross to bear and as much as Dave has sympathy, if absolutely nobody votes LibDem next election, is it any skin off his back? Doubtful. I'm pretty sure the coalition will not fail as one; LD's will do the suffering and Tories will try to present every triumph as their own.

...this is why I wouldn't be a very good sketch writer! I'm too depressing. :D

Anyways, EMil had a new haircut and didn't say "shambles" once. Might it be that our Boy Leader of the Opposition is growing up? :)